Join Laurence Fishburne as he hosts an upcoming Information Matrix discussing the education landscape

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In 1990 the United States ranked 6th in the world when it came to its level, however, the nation now ranks 27thin education. This drastic decline in global standing can be attributed to the massive cuts in funding for public education across the nation. Join Information Matrix to learn what the nation is doing to change these statistics and get the nation back on track to be a world leader in education. Information Matrix, with host Laurence Fishburne, is available to millions of Americans via educational television networks.

Join Laurence Fishburne as he hosts an upcoming “Information Matrix” highlighting inclusive education

Students throughout the country are starting to return to school this month after their summer break.  For many, it is an exciting time to get back into a routine of learning.  However, for students with disabilities, it may feel like more of a daunting task.   “Information Matrix” will feature schools and educators who are implementing inclusive education for all students, creating an effective program of learning for students with a variety of needs.  Tune in to educational television stations throughout the world for “Information Matrix” hosted by Laurence Fishburne.

Emotional-learning schools in the spotlight on an upcoming “Information Matrix” hosted by Laurence Fishburne

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In 2018, we expect to see an increase of social-emotional learning in schools, due to the Every Student Succeeds Act. Did you know that our schools are not just teaching math and science—self-management and decision-making are now integrated into the curriculum too. This Spring, “Information Matrix” will be discussing all the benefits of this approach to teaching. You will be able to watch “Information Matrix”, hosted by the talented Laurence Fishburne, on educational networks throughout the United States.